Multinational bank in Panama

A multinational bank established in Panama required a messaging solution to entire HR in Panama branch. EcoLogix was chosen as the base solution to support the messaging system. EcoLogix satisfies two major requirements: adapt to the complex secured network infrastructure, and scale up to handle the entire personnel.

EcoLogix uses standard webservice communication to support the messaging flow.

Ecommerce, Logistics, IT Consulting : EcoLogix
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Altenia's IT Consulting service is based on industry's best practices. Together with it's extensive knowledge base and extensive selection of tools, Altenia's consulting is a service your most demanding business can rely on.

Altenia has depth and breadth experience in diverse industry including Telecommunication, Finance, Government, Transportation and Trading.

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EcoLogix System is an extensible and scaleable SOA-ready business platform based on the Open Source sponsored and hosted by Altenia Corporation.

Due to the flexibility, the platform can configured to operate in different business domain. We have customers using EcoLogix as:

  • E-commerce Platform
  • Customer Information and Support Platform
  • Logistics Operations Management Platform
  • Intranet Messaging Platform

The SOA readiness will open new opportunities for you business as you will be able to exened and compose standard service in EcoLogix bus. Other specific need can be fulfilled by easily adding custom component.

* EcoLogix and Logo is a Trade Mark by Altenia Corporation.

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Altenia provides high-profile Tailored Training of IT development team.

With the Tailored Training, An Altenia consultant will evaluate the team's baseline knowledge and customize the training method and content.  The customer will receive the training that matches his requirement.

Training area:

  • Software Engineering (Development Process & Methodology: RUP, UML, QA, Best Practices)
  • Advanced Java Development
  • Advanced .Net Development


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